I am a highly experienced academic tutor with over a decade of teaching experience, both internationally and in the US. I have taught in a variety of school environments - public, private, and homeschool - in addition to providing individualized tutoring. I particularly have a great deal of experience in helping students with special needs, test anxiety, or learning disabilities. 

The subjects that I am currently offering are:

Mathematics: K-6 arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus
Writing & Reading: K-6 language arts, vocabulary building, essay writing, reading comprehension, and analytical writing for all grades
Science: K-12 natural and life sciences, biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics
Study Skills: test preparation, organization & planning, note-taking, and college application preparation
Languages: ESL/EFL all levels, introductory/intermediate/advanced Latin, introductory/intermediate French, and introductory/intermediate Arabic

Jess Shanahan is a natural-born teacher! She quickly established a comfortable rapport with our son, and in a few short weeks she has improved his grades and, more importantly, his confidence in his own abilities. He especially appreciates working with her on Skype. He’s so used to screens that he’s more comfortable that way. She works from the ground up, teaching fundamental principles and then using that foundation to build a comprehensive understanding of the subject. We have full faith in her and strongly recommend her as a tutor.
— Wendy K. (Parent of current student)

With great success, I have begun offering virtual tutoring via Skype. This is universally available, with no geographic constraint. Although some may be hesitant to pursue virtual tutoring, I have found that it has been a remarkably efficient tool, especially for students who struggle with anxiety. By making use of virtual whiteboards and other interactive learning tools, I bring the full experience of the classroom to each student! I do also offer in home tutoring for the central Connecticut/Greater Hartford area.

I would highly recommend Jess Shanahan, with her many strengths, as an academic tutor. I am a 6th grade classroom teacher and I have used Jess to tutor low performing students and seen first- hand their academic progress under her guidance. One strength is her extensive and deep knowledge of all subjects educational and this definitely has an impact on the progress of her students. Other strengths are her honesty and empathy and she builds strong relationships with all her students. Finally, Jess produces amazing results within short periods of time. I believe this is because she teaches students to not only love the subject but the process of learning. Students become more confident in their own ability under her tutorage.
— Ruth H. (Sixth Grade Teacher)