Print material

Although there appears to be less flexibility with print material, there are still numerous ways to ensure accessibility. Font, color choice, sizing, and display all affect the readability of a printed item. An accessibility coordinator verifies that all of these traits are optimized for accessibility.  

digital material

Digital material is far more flexible when it comes to accessibility, but there are many aspects that web designers and content providers are unaware of. For example, is your website screen-reader friendly? Are your images descriptively captioned? Does text-to-speech function properly? This is just the beginning of digital accessibility, and an accessibility coordinator answers all of these questions (and more).


Featured Project: Inclusive astronomy 2015

I was one of the accessibility coordinators for the Inclusive Astronomy 2015 conference. In particular, I contributed largely to the accessibility page, available on the conference website. Providing accessibility information in a digital, screen-reader friendly format is a crucial part of ensuring any website, event, or conference is open to all. I have also assisted in ensuring signage for the Science March 2017 is accessible, and I have worked on numerous event websites in order to verify they are open to people with disabilities.