Professional Events

When hosting a professional event, there are numerous accessibility concerns to be taken into consideration. From food to location, each aspect of the event must be accessible to every participant. An accessibility coordinator guarantees that the event is accessible as possible and provides resources to participants for overcoming any unavoidable obstacles. 

Recreational Activities

Office parties, team retreats, and the like are crucial in fostering a positive work environment. Having such an important activity be inaccessible defeats the very purpose of scheduling it in the first place! An accessibility coordinator makes sure this doesn't happen and that every member of your office or team can enjoy the team-building and fun you have planned.

Kids Nights Summer-page-001.jpg

Featured Project: Van Vleck Observatory Youth OUtreach

I coordinated the accessibility and organizing for the Van Vleck Observatory's bi-monthly kids' night program. There were numerous obstacles, namely the inaccessibility of the observatory building, but the event itself was incredibly successful. I coordinated all activities, lectures, and surveys/feedback on improvement. Now, there is a permanent ramp installed outside the observatory and efforts to digitize the telescope output are underway, so future kids' night events will be even more accessible!